Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 4 - 48 Weeks

Week 4 completed. This has no real resemblance to Donna's lesson, apart from drawing the girl and creating the background. I got a bit carried away and I just 'went with the flow'. It has taken a few days to complete, and it has been an amazing journey.
I have wanted to learn to draw people for some time now and have dabbled in a class here and there. I have also signed up to the Stephen Lursen video series offered by Donna - 'Eyes' and 'Nose and mouth'.
Because I wasnt feeling confident 'free drawing' and wanted to create something different, I found a photo of a model on Pinterest with the most amazing dress and head piece for inspiration (I increased the size on my photocopier). I used Graphite Transfer Paper for the basic outline and then 'went to town'.
The words on the background stencil are . . . 'Art is just another way of expressing our innermost thoughts into concrete media. Where form and function come together in beauty, color and shape. We put our feelings and experiences onto paper, canvas, surfaces of all kinds. Allowing ourselves to release and surrender to this all-encompassing force. This need to register what was today what might be tomorrow and what was yesterday and the day before that'.
I had trouble creating the hair, first it was curly and light brown and then I added moulding paste and started adding inks and allowing them to dry as I went. A few Faber Castell pens were used in the process too. I buffed with 'old silver' Inka Gold Metallic Rub to give the hair some sheen
The hair piece is a combination of star buttons and flowers and other embellishments.
the quote is 'Life is a balance of holding on and letting go' by Kumi
Without getting too philosophical, I purposely tried to create my girl with a thoughtful face. She is gazing at a closed fence gate (fear of letting go) and surrounded with a free butterflies, dragonfly, and bird (outside a cage) representing strength to create and not hold back.
All that aside, I am happy with the background textures and overall colour.
Huge thanks to Donna for continuing to encourage us to make our work 'our own' - and to keep growing and sharing support and helpful tips within the group.
I am looking forward to see how much I grow each week.

I was really happy with the end result for week 4.  Very meaningful for me, and I love the colours, textures, and especially my attempt at creating a 'girl'.  :)

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