Sunday, August 11, 2013

Notebook for handbag

I always carry a notebook in my handbag, I am a bit of a list maker and keeper of schedules :)  I decided to revamp my latest acquisition to make a pretty addition for my bag.  

Bought a very reasonably priced notebook (approx 10cmx15cm) for about $2.95 and proceeded to cover with fabric canvas, lace and a beautiful image (printed on to sticky-back white canvas).  Sewed the lace to some damask cream fabric and then layered cream lace over the top.  I then added the printed image.  Stamped the word 'notes' to the right hand side of the image using Vintage Photo distress stain - actually like the uneven inking.

Added some beautiful dark pink and green rayon crinkly ribbon and . . . done!!

What a beautiful way to record my day to day reminders!


  1. That is just gorgeous Rita - yes I like to carry a notebook in my handbag also - they are so useful to jot things down.
    I am not sure if it is just my computer but your next post on hot glue guns ... I cannot get the page to display???

  2. No - I started to download and then got distracted. Will post again soon :)