Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot Glue Gun Stand

I have finally got very tired of my hot glue gun 'falling over' when I am trying to use it for a project!  I found the oddest little dark brown tray at a reject store with 'another piece I have no idea what it was meant for' for about $3.00.
Decided to re-purpose this purchase for something useful.  It is very helpful having a 'hands-on' spouse.

Hence, the creation of 'THE HOT GLUE GUN STAND'!

Unfortunately I did not take a 'before' photo of the tray

When 'the man of the house' added the unpainted dowel to hold the gun, and the tile to collect the glue drops, the project still looked a bit 'sad'
I then proceeded to paint the tray with gesso and white paint - a couple of layers, until all the very dark brown wood disappeared.

Next, I covered the painted area with 'washi paper' offcuts - so easy and  'hot glued' a cute little pink vase from Pillow Talk to hold the spare glue sticks - love it!!! . . . and what's more, it works!!

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