Saturday, May 25, 2013

Masquerade Mask for Bridget

Tried something completely different recently.  A friend asked if I could make a mask for her daughter for her Formal.  I enjoyed the research process and the shopping for odds and ends and then applied myself to the task using a colour outside of my comfort zone - Red. 

My first thought was to used the fabric scraps from the dress, but this was not successful trying to get the folds and pleats to sit correctly around the eyes of the mask. The masks I found were quite flimsy (and plastic), so I decided to join 2 together for strength.  This worked well, but the paint did not adhere very well.  

So out came some Mod Podge Glue and some paper doilies which I then proceeded to attach to the mask.  After completely drying, I mixed some red paints together to achieve the correct shade.

Added some braid and a string of sequins.
the flower was made from fabric remnants from the dress

Added a gold open weave button (cut off the shank) to the flower
and then attached the flower to the base of the feathers

It was hard to get a photo showing the overall effect of the long feather vein, but was
happy with the finished result
I then attached the stick which had been painted and wrapped in ribbon

The finished result :)

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