Monday, April 29, 2013


Hi all

My young hairdresser, Jess, is getting married in a week's tomorrow!.  She is a fabulous hairdresser and I always walk away from Dextress Hair Face and Body at Murrumba Downs feeling refreshed, and sometimes with a completely new look in colour or style, given my level of confidence in their ability.

Although Jess and I had discussed her upcoming wedding, I did not ask too many questions which may fall into the 'surprise' category. However, I wanted to make something special for her so I phoned the salon owner, Becc and  was able to glean that the dress will be nude/ivory and the touch of colour, aqua.  That is all I needed to get my creative thoughts flowing.  I used an image by 'Designs Galore' for the front cover

I enjoy  'starting from scratch' with an idea and a colour theme and look forward to the end result once I have sorted and found the 'perfect' fabrics/lace and embellishments I want to use.  In this instance I opted for a small 7"x7" D ring album with 6.5" x 6.5" top loading photo pages to be inserted.  This is obviously not going to be the main album, really a keepsake gift with the added advantage of being able to add small items from the wedding, and store in the lace pockets on the inside and back covers. I really enjoyed making this lovely album and was happy with the outcome.  Fortunately, Jess really liked it too.

Finished album

Wrapped and ready 

View from bottom when wrapped - showing the layers of shabby chic

Close up of the image

First page of album - handmade heart on raw ivory silk and canvas

Close up - Printed onto canvas using dark grey font

close up of left hand side top

back of album (showing up very dark in this photo unfortunately)

Inside front cover - pocket made with a pre-ruched wide ribbon

Close up of flower on front

 close up of tassel and flower

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