Saturday, February 23, 2013


I have another journal cover project started and this time, will take more step/by/step photos.  In case you are interested, you only need basic skills for machine sewing, and any hand sewing is very easy.   Fabric glue is great to use for lace and other small bits and pieces and I use Helmar's 450 glue for heavier embellishments.

I enjoy all the research and sorting my stash for any new project, and really love it when everything comes together beautifully, as have all of my journals so far. It helps to have a person in mind, but not necessary, but is has assisted me with colour and image selection. 

My 'on the desk' journal cover is for me, so the journey will be very interesting indeed.  Will keep you posted.


  1. Hi Rita, this is Julie - across the miles :-)
    I love ALL of your journals - they are all beautiful & your work is stunning.
    I look forward to the step by step one you are making for yourself.
    Your blog is so lovely as are your photos, Julie Xox

  2. Lovely to hear from you Julie x Thank you for your lovely comments. Spent all afternoon yesterday editing, uploading and writing descriptions. Will have to upload on a more regular basis. Be in touch soon via email xo