Saturday, February 23, 2013


I have another journal cover project started and this time, will take more step/by/step photos.  In case you are interested, you only need basic skills for machine sewing, and any hand sewing is very easy.   Fabric glue is great to use for lace and other small bits and pieces and I use Helmar's 450 glue for heavier embellishments.

I enjoy all the research and sorting my stash for any new project, and really love it when everything comes together beautifully, as have all of my journals so far. It helps to have a person in mind, but not necessary, but is has assisted me with colour and image selection. 

My 'on the desk' journal cover is for me, so the journey will be very interesting indeed.  Will keep you posted.


This journal was created for my friend Cheryl.  We have been friends for approximately 38 years.  I wanted to give her something special for Christmas and I must say, was pleased with the result.  We both love the colours used for this journal - beautiful pinks and greens and ivory. I have deliberately made this cover more 'shabby chic' i.e. leaving threads hanging and raw edges showing etc

Front of the journal
Once again used fabric canvas as the base and then added cheesecloth fabric for 'softness', and then commenced the layering process
The lace on the left hand side is cut from a scarf I found and most of the lace and ribbon was purchased from one of my favourite brick and mortar shops, Bella Paperie
Most of the bits and pieces were taken from my supplies, especially my odds and ends box

close up of the bottom right hand side
the pale pink off cut lace under the photo is from a remnant I found.  I added a small flower to complement the colours

Image found on Pinterest and was originally pinned from
the quote says:
'Sometimes talking to your best friend is the only Therapy you need . . .can't imagine life without you '
I also added some beautiful pink crinkly rayon ribbon to front and back covers and tied in a bow to keep anything tucked inside secure

Top left hand side - good view of layers

Middle top
tucked a little resin flower under the lace to add texture and colour

The Journal and matching bookmark

Back of journal

Bottom right hand side of back
used a small section of the tassels on the scarf to create a border between layers as well as some of the pink rayon ribbon which I ruched and sewed under the pink beaded lace to add interest and colour

Close up of middle section of the back showing all the elements added

Bookmark front
I used a section of the tassels from the scarf to add to the bottom of the book mark

Bookmark back
I used mainly fabric glue to adhere pieces to the bookmark


With a wedding this year, I wanted to create a journal cover for my daughter using classic soft colours and bits and pieces incorporating the old, new and meaningful.

I purchased a strong standard size journal from a stationery store measuring approximately 21.5cms x 31cms.  The base cover is constructed from fabric canvas which is strong enough to  sew, glue and add as many layers as you wish.  The advantage of a removable cover for this purpose is two-fold.  Can be removed to add journal entries (to keep it clean), and can also be reused once the original journal is full.

This journal has a beautiful 'feel' to it and it was a joy to put together.

 Finished journal cover
(unfortunately not the best of photos)
Note:  The image of the tulips is a Tim Smith Composition and was found on Pinterest 
I altered the colour of the image using the Paint Net progam and printed onto sticky-back white canvas.  I outlined with black pen and sewed the base of the flowers with cotton string

Close up of the middle front
the buttons are extremely old - they were my mothers (who was also called 'Annie') and are a very sentimental addition.  I like how they 'shine' in certain light
The buttons were sewn on to an offcut of raw silk

 In this top view, you can see the many layers used
To 'soften' I covered the base cover with cheesecloth fabric and then built the lace and other layers on top of that.  I used a lot of machine sewing to provide a 'quilted' look, even though an eclectic one.

Bottom right hand side of front

 Back of journal
(photo does not do justice to the original)
I dyed the lace along the bottom with Glimmermist sprays
The fabric across the top with the pearl sprays is an off cut of some wedding fabric I found somewhere - it is a beautiful light coffee colour on a fine mesh

Close up of the back.  
More buttons sewn on a heart shape which was mounted on tea dyed muslin

 Close up of the bottom front. 
 Sewed some canvas 'buttons' onto some lace.  The very old worn lace was cut from an old lace dress purchased from eBay.  Some of the newer lace pieces were obtained from Bella Paperie and the rest from my supplies

Matching bookmark 
using fabric canvas and lace pieces with some crinkly rayon ribbon at the top


forgot to post this in December when I posted Serenity and Possibilities

The background of this canvas resulted from a few 'mistakes' I made with a different finish in mind - decided it was perfect for my bird cage.  The true depth of colour is not depicted in the photographs unfortunately.

The small bird cages represent the three canvas projects, finalising the series
Strength Serenity and Possibilities

Canvas size 10x10"
Quote - 'today is all we need to nurture' (source unknown)

Closer view of full canvas

View of top of cage

Bottom of cage

Top left hand side showing texture and background

View of bottom right hand side
Can also see glitter in the paint behind the bird cage

Ingredients for canvas
  • 10x10" deep sided canvas
  • Old book paper and music sheets
  • A cardboard bird cage was used as a template 
  • two gauges of wire, one for the cage and the other to add pearls and to 'sew' the cage to the canvas
  • various paints
  • Faber Castell markers
  • lace offcut from old dress purchased from eBay 
  • twigs from the garden (one painted with ivory paint)
  • bird and leaf cut from patterned paper (cannot remember the brand)
  • sticky-back canvas for the words, edged with Faber Castell markers
  • small bird cages at the bottom purchased from Bella Paperie


  Ang is a teacher and I thought it would be an appropriate gift for her.  The colours were obviously chosen with her in mind - a little fun journal and matching bookmark.

 This little journal measures approximately 15 x 21cms.
I found this Diane Duda image on Pinterest

The journal and matching bookmark

The journal cover can be removed for further use.  The base is fabric canvas - great to sew onto.  Once again I printed the image on to sticky-back canvas.  All the bits and pieces added were taken from my stock and I particularly like the ivory and aqua lace I had previously purchased from Bella Paperie.  The little piece of doily type fabric on the right hand side is a section from an old linen napkin.


Sue travels extensively, so I decided that a journal would be a great gift.  I used the image of a cute little elephant (because I know she likes them) and then incorporated purple with a touch of pink as the main base colours to complement the image.

The journal is 18 x 25.5 cms
I copied the elephant and text images onto sticky-back canvas before adding to the project
I dyed the doily with Adirondack Color Wash sprays to achieve the required result
and used plain calico as the base for the cover

 Note - I found the image of the elephant on Pinterest but cannot remember the source

Close up
Most of the elements were glued with Fabric Glue on to the base and for the heavier embellishments, I used Helmar's 450 glue



The beginning . . .

Prior to Christmas I was contemplating making some gifts, with a difference.  I took an online class for a journal cover and this started a new passion.

I had some light bulb moments during the construction of my first cover which I permanently attached to the book - and then I thought I could make a cover which could be transferred to another similar book as the journals were completed.

Once again I have used an eclectic range of bits and pieces from my supplies which I will explain along the way