Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some 'thank you' notes

Every best wish to anyone who may visit my blog prior to midnight 31/12/12. Trusting you and your families enjoy a funfilled, safe and enjoyable Festive Season
No #1
My daughter, for her amazing gift of 'looking outside the square' and encouraging me in her own, very special way - thanks so much hon - you are an inspiration xo
No #2
Deb at Bella Paperie for always being so welcoming and insightful. You have a true perspective of what each customer/client requires and you are always so helpful and delightful at every visit, so thank you x
PS: Love visiting your store - can browse for hours!
No #3
 Tina, a layout designer at Bella Paperie - owned by Debra Buckingham (Brendale, Brisbane, Queensland) for your fabulous and extremely inspiring 'Vintage' style classes - have thoroughly enjoyed them throughtout 2012 (and looking forward to 2013) - you are a wonderful, fun loving  and very special person and a truly inspirational and thoughtful teacher - special thanks to you
No #4
All the journeys I have travelled learning new and varied art and craft techniques with all of my online classes - too many to mention
No #5
My 'besties' who have and have always had faith in my step-by-step journey  into the art world - thank you for being so supportive x
All my wonderful 'crafting buddies' - a very eclectic mix indeed! - looking forward to spending time with you in 2013

warm regards


  1. And you, in turn, inspire me :) xo ps, I think you need to take me to visit this Bella Paperie place!

  2. Rita,thankyou! Not only for your kind words but for being such a beautiful friend and for the support and patience you have shown me over the past year. May you and your family share a very special time together this Christmas and may 2013 bring you good health and happiness.