Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi all

Have been AWOL from my blog of late. Have been very busy with two jobs, then I reduced it to one. 

Took a week off last week to take some time out at Rainbow Beach, Queensland,  with a long-standing friend (which was just wonderful) - highly recommend Rainbow Shores Resort

Whilst have had some completed projects  to post, havent had time to sit and get things organised.  My husband recently retired, so our whole lifestyle has suddenly changed as well.

My latest 'have to learn this and learn it now' passion is beading, mainly bracelets, so have produced a few of those (and some are 'wearable' - hmmmmmmmm is that a word?)

Have a number of online projects to finalise before the end of 2012, so will be concentrating on those during any free time, and early 2013 am embarking on my very first Overseas holiday!!! - have my art journal, pencil/eraser, watercolour paints ready to take with me, so who knows what I will return with - exciting times ahead!

Hope you are all enjoying the lead up to Christmas festivities 2012 and that you and your families have a safe, funfilled and wonderful time during upcoming celebrations.  I have my personal 'wishes', so am hoping and praying at least a couple of them come to fruition prior to 1 January 2013.



  1. I wish you all the best and that your dreams do come true!
    Many heartfelt thanks for your nice (and helpful) comment, it made me happy!

  2. thanks so much monica for taking the time to make such a lovely comment :) x