Sunday, October 7, 2012

CSI Case File No 39

I entered my very first Challenge at Color...Stories... Inspiration today (deadline is tonight).  It was very enjoyable, and most importantly, I concentrated on the journalling too.

Here is my finished layout:

Color Palette is nominated, and each color must be used
ie in this case - teal, orange, lime green, sky blue, bright buttery yellow
can use base colour - I chose black
there is other criteria which must be met - and that was the fun part

This photo was taken when I was 7 years old
my journalling reflects my world at that time and my journey since, and the importance, to me
of the pencils, pen nibs, tree branch, wrapped twig, wire stamp, key on the fence
and the title 'flight . . .'

this is a close up of the top right hand side which gives
a better indication of the colours
the heading at the top of the old book page is
'modes of communicating' - very apt for this piece

another close up showing how the front cover opens 'book style'
to reveal the journalling behind.

Looking forward to CSI #40 which is due next Sunday evening - stay tuned xo