Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage loveliness

Attended a crop at Debra Buckingham's Bella Paperie ( at  Brendale on Sunday.  Fabulous idea to repurpose old items to new.

We had a fantastic day surrounded by gorgeous flowers, ribbons, lace, fringed beading etc.  Deb's store is not your usual scrapbooking store - the ambience is extremely beautiful and all product is displayed amongst scarves and jewellery and much more.

Jule from Whimisical  Imaginings hosted the workshop and was extremely helpful with tips and advice throughout the day.

Jule put all our pieces together for a photoshoot.  My pieces in this shot are the milk jug in front and part of the milk urn to the right at the back.  Not a very clear photo taken by me, but I really liked how all of our finished alterations were displayed for the photo (must have been the excitement of finishing 5 projects for the day :)

As usual, my photography does not do this altered item justice. 
I used a square glass container (no idea of source) and wrapped it in magnificent two-toned lace and tied some coloured seam binding around the top and added a flower and gem  

This is my 'day after' photo.  Took this photo early this morning and included some hand made soap in the foreground.  Whilst this soap was a gift from a friend, Deb at Bella Paperie has some beautiful scented soaps instore, some of which are 'gift wrapped' with lace and flowers

I really love how this old faux milk urn looked after the alteration.  The beaded collar is just gorgeous.  This is going to be the centrepiece (with additions added) at a very significant upcoming party at our place next month :)

Now this little milk jug must have a story of its own.
I headed to the Paddington Antique Centre recently looking for a sugar bowl to decorate and use as a pincushion (this was before I knew about the workshop at Bella Paperie).  I soon discovered that a lot of sugar bowls are sold with a milk jug, or a full set ie. tea pot, coffee pot etc.  As I was looking for an item that was to be altered, I did not want to spend a lot of money.  Needless to say, the milk jug and sugar bowl (to be featured separately) were perfect for what I had in mind. I must admit I think this was my favourite altered item on the day 

Having added that 'favourite' statement above, I then scrolled down to this item
- well, I think this is my favourite. 
The mug is one made by my younger brother decades ago. I have two more with similar shapes, but different because they are handmade.  I intend to add butterfly or dragonfly pins to the pincushion section (used two layers of muslin as the base fabric) for  this one

This was the last item I altered at the crop
Yes - it is a coffee jar
Wrapped in muslin, added some beautiful paper from Glitz DesignsPretty in Pink, then 
some hand-died seam binding around the neck and then hung a bird charm that I purchased from Bella Paperie

Overall a fantastic day with rewarding results.
Thanks again to Deb at Bella Paperie and Jule from Whimsical Imaginings

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tinting Glass Jars

After seeing lots of glass maison jar tinting on Pinterest, decided to give it a go using a couple of different methods to establish which one would work the best.  My favourite in this case is the Cranberry tinted bowl.

The 'bowl' section of this container is 5" tall
The 'recipe' called for Mod Podge, water, and blue and red food colouring
I played around until I was happy with the tone (hard to tell when it looks like thick paste at this stage)

Because the bowl is so large, the drying process was very slow, but I was patient and just watched in fascintation as the tinted glass emerged

Ta da - finished drying overnight - really like how the colour turned out for this one

I used 'tacky' white glue for this one and added water and blue and green food colouring
Not as happy with the consistency of this one (quite thick - will add more water next time)

Canning jar commencing drying process

Whilst I like the colour of this one, wasnt happy with the end result, (the pattern on the glass is in the glass, not bubbles caused by tinting)

For the two smaller jars (from Ikea) I painted them on the outside, and find they are a bit 'tacky' to touch even when dry - in the tuturial I followed for these the colour was described as 'Sea Glass'.  The benefit of painting on the outside it that you can very carefully add water to the inside of the container and add real flowers

Overall, happy with outcomes, and it was certainly fun to try!
Food dye is very hard to remove from skin :)

Until next time