Saturday, May 12, 2012

Julie Nutting 'How do I look?' girl

This project took  a long time to complete - because I kept changing backgrounds and adding and removing elements  - building the background as per Julie's instructions in her Collage Courture book, and because of the size  of the canvas, added a few extra embellishments and textures.  i.e. added chandeliers to the top of the canvas and a handbag at her feet as well as quite a bit of texture over the whole canvas.

Julie's girl was A4 in size and had shorter dark hair - I added extra elements to balance the size of the canvas.

I called this canvas . . . dream in colour, live in wonder, believe in magic - one of my favourite quotes . . .

Full canvas size is 12x24" or 30x60cms
This is the full canvas taken in full light - doesnt really depict the true depth of colour

Full canvas taken in a different light setting

the bottom of the canvas showing the texture and the handbag I added to complete the piece

full picture of the 'how do I look' girl.  added pearls to her skirt, belt and headband

Added the chandeliers cut from a cricut cartridge, inked and the added Inkessentials Crackle Accent to give a bit of a shine and old age feel

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