Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christy Tomlinson - April Mixed Media

I wanted to do a simple project and found Christy's Behind the Video - April Mixed Media Kit and really liked the concept of the 3 separate canvasses.  Christy used 6x6", but I only had 7x5" size.  Rather than hanging on wall side by side, will hang one under the other.

The colours are very peaceful and what better location to photograph them than in the garden.
I just stacked them one on top of the other for the photo, but will be hung properly on the wall allowing a little space between each canvas

I used stencils which were circular in shape to depict the flight of the butterfly 

close up of top canvas

This photo was taken in full sun in the garden

I found the quote on the Quietfire Design blog and wanted to use it in a project.  The discovery  came first and then I found a way to use it - very appropriate.  It says:

May the wings of
the butterfly kiss the sun
and find your
shoulder to light upon

Irish Blessing

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