Friday, April 13, 2012

Update . . .

Whilst I have not posted any projects for a while, I have been achieving a little bit of everything in my 'spare' time.  I found myself in 'organising' mode which is particularly interesting for an 'organised' person.  I got caught up in sorting ribbons (in an earlier post) and then got carried away with my whole craft room.  I dont think there is much left that has not been touched, sorted, put in a different drawer, and labelled.

I am particularly reaping the benefits of the long hours it took to sort my ribbons and lace.  It is an absolute pleasure to look for 'that particular piece' for a project . . . so easy now.

I am 'working' on and trying to find time for the following projects which I will post as soon as completed.  I like the 'how is this going to turn out' feeling and the creative and learning processes along the way.  Some people ask, 'what will you do when you retire?' . . . hmmmmmm is all I can say.

  1. Online tutorial of one of the Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made canvas pieces which utilised an image from a magazine that did not come together as planned.  I have since removed the image and am currently replacing with a wreath made up of lace, wire, pearls, beads, tulle, birds in a hand-made muslin nest, hand-made 'feathers' and flowers and a few other things.  So far, happy with how it is all coming together and enjoying the 'baby steps'.
  2. Project for a friend which has been ongoing for some time (sorry :) - you know who it is.  This is almost complete and is a Kaisercraft board book detailing the first year of the bub's life and achievements.  I am also including a door hanger, a music box and a canvas heart hanging from a ribbon, utilising the Prima Pixie Glen collection of paper, ribbons, rub-ons and stamps.
  3. Collections Elements 'boxes' which have been glued, covered with paper (dont know manufacturer :(  ) and will be mounted on a canvas
  4. Paper bag albums.  One is Kraft and one is White in colour.  For both I am using Glitz paper collections.  The kraft album is utilising the Vintage Blue collection and the white album I am using the Pretty in Pink.  These are something I work on when I need to relax and not 'think too much', and am amazed at the results so far :)
  5. Learning how to crochet tiny little flowers
  6. Completing my on-line tutorials
  7. Finalising a couple of very special layouts which I will have professionally framed
  8. Looking forward each month to working on an 8x8 album with a group of craft friends
Enjoy catching up with craft friends as much as possible in what is a very busy life for all of us, particularly given that most  of us are in varying stages of our lives.  i.e new mums, mums of teenagers, full time working friends, part-time workers and those close to retirement.  It is very rewarding spending time with all of these special ladies, exchanging ideas and having fun and in between working at 2 jobs and enjoying as much family time as I can, which is, after all, the priority for all of us  x

Until next time