Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ribbon re-organisation

I have been too busy to commence all my pending on-line and off the page projects, so whilst watching the swimming trials at night and catching up on the news over the last few days, I decided to re-organise my ribbons and lace collections.  It turned out to be a mammoth task as apart from my scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies, I have done dressmaking and sewing (in my past life :) so have accumulated a lot over the years.   I discovered it was quite a therapautic and relaxing exercise and I really like the end result:

My white and cream stock

Part of the storage area

I have been thinking about various ways to store ribbon and lace for some time (apart from my colour themed boxes) and came across Becca Feeken's idea via one of my regular email subscriptions  from After Hours Stamper and thought that this type of organisation would suit me.

Now that I am in 'organised' mode (and I am pretty organised already) have come up with ideas for some of my other supplies.  Everything is labelled, and as I get more organised, I find that when it is time to create, it is so much easier.

Will post a couple of other canvasses I have been working on intermittently over the last few weeks during the Easter break when I have a bit of 'down time'.

Until then, I hope you, your family and friends have a safe, relaxing and happy Easter.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creatively Made - Week 2

These canvasses are very 'loosely' based on Jeanne's Vintage Hardware Art tutorial.  She used a small 4x4 canvas and then mounted on to the frame of a door handle.  Whilst I looked everywhere for something similar, could not find anything.  Didnt have time to investigate antique stores. My canvasses are 7x5" and I decided to produce a series of three, using free sample images from Dover Publications and 'image transferred' them on to the prepared canvas backgrounds before adding charchoal, pencil, ink, Faber Castell marker pens etc.  I have used one of the images previously on the front of a journal, but am very 'drawn' to them for some reason.  Really like the style of the 1930's fashion.

As the project was nearing completion and I commenced adding more elements, it became quite an emotional journey for me.  I decided to add real vintage buttons which belonged to my mother.  They are so precious.  I then decided to write the 'button story' around the edges of the three canvasses.  Whilst it would be impossible for someone else to read and make some sense of the story, it  means a lot to me because I continued the story from one canvas to the next.  I have 10 siblings (6 boys and 4 girls), so nothing got thrown away if it could be reused for something else.  I was blessed to obtain a number of mum's buttons when she died (27 years ago).  Knowing that she handled the buttons and diligently sewed them on to one garment then another is particularly meaningful to me.

It was not until I transferred the images to the canvasses that I realised that mum would have been in her teens in the 1930's, so that is how 'the story' regarding the buttons evolved.  A lot of our clothes were sewn on the old Singer sewing machine.  Cannot remember having had any sewing lessons, it just seems like it is something I knew instinctively to be able to do and thus used to make a lot of my own clothes, clothes for my daughter when she was small and a lot of home furnishings.

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I dont usually add a lot of words, but somehow this work has sparked something in me.  The individual cavasses are titled story, time and wish.  I took a long time to think of what I am trying to convey behind the works, and it is simply that I wish I had had time time to talk to mum about her story, particularly in those early years.  We had a very busy household, so there was minimal one on one time, and I now know they are conversations which would have been good to have had . . . however, there are other memories to sustain me.

Really did not choose a good time of day for taking photos, but here are my three ladies lined up on the window sill.    They are actually more vintage and 'warmer' in real life.  Forgot to add in my explanation  that I looped two strands of wire around each canvas and then with a smaller gauge wire, threaded some beautiful fresh water pearls I had in my jewellery box - a necklace which was awaiting repair.

Close up of the buttons and sides

Close up of one the girls in the garden
I purhased a pack of vintage ephemera from 'somewhere' - cant rememer.  I found this old envelope (seen on the top of the canvas) and the post mark is 1935!

A better side view showing the old papers, music sheets, wires and pearl

a glimpse of the '3 ladies' in the garden

Title 1 (printed onto cream-coloured sticky back canvas) and cut out

title 2

title 3

Have found the perfect spot for the 'three ladies' where I can see them every day


Better colour depiction of two of the finished canvasses:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yesterday, today and tomorrow canvas

This has taken me about a week to complete, grabbing any spare time I have had here and there. Tutorial by Christy Tomlinson behind the scenes for February.

Full canvas 10 x 10"

Side view.  Instead of purchasing pegs, found some I had in my stash and covered them with patterned paper Fancy Pants - She Art Workshop 6x6 paper pad

Also made the flowers using papers from the same pack as well as some little resin flowers from Christy's Scarlet Lime on-line store.  Found the little red and yellow brad in my stash and added for a little bit of different texture.  Used a variety of green/blue glitters on the grass which has the background of old bookpaper.  Flower stems drawn with Faber Castell Markers and ink. Also added a few stamps and white-rubons here and there.

Hand cut the banner from more papers from pad
Christy used vellum imprinted with clouds for the blue background.  I didnt have any so found an image on Pinterest, added to the canvas and then covered with white tissue paper to give a textured background.  Apparently when you add Decoupage glue to the vellum it bubbles and gives a lot of background texture.  I didnt quite achieve the same effect, but happy with outcome.

Drew the black clothes line with permanent marker and then pulled some white rope apart and added a few strands with hot glue.  To brighten the banner a little, I found beads threaded on wire in my stash and decided to wind that through.  The photo hasnt quite picked up the shine

Finished my 'happy' canvas today which is appropriate as it is quite a gloomy day outside with a storm pending.