Sunday, February 26, 2012

The train has arrived . . .

Over the last couple of weekends a friend and I decided to complete the Kaisercraft Train Caddy which I had decided to put together for her grandson when he was born . . . he is now almost 3 ears old, so we decided 'to get it done'. A real change to my latest projects I must say, as well as working on all my online projects too.

Cheryl  sanded and painted the base of everything and then we got paper cutters, glue, rulers, pencils, matching embellishments, REALLY old things from my early scrapbooking days like a 'steering wheel' and some press clips that we decided to use on the train wheels to make them look 'realistic' and some other rivet clips for 'lights' for the train.  Trying to think what a 3 year old boy would like is a bit hard for me these days  we were happy with the overall completed finish.

As her grandson loves trains, she is looking forward to him discovering some of the little hidden treasures on the train and what uses he will find for the 3 x caddies.

Papers and embellishments -
Kaisercraft - Fun Fair series
I even found a little key in my stash for the engine driver

Joined with some rings I had in my stash as well

Name on back with some more 'lights'

Looking forward to see what he thinks when he receives it!

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