Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Rolled Paper' Girl

This is my favourite 'She' girl from the 'She Art No 2 Series' (taught by Junelle Jacobsen who was Christy's guest for this one). I created my girl on a canvas measuring 24" x 12" for my daughter for Christmas.  Junelle's on-line tutorial was quite different.  I changed a few things around, added white tulle to the skirt, but learnt so much along the way.  Very rewarding . . .

Birds in nest in hair.  I cut up a bird's nest I bought and punched out the birds from cardstock (cant remember the punch - maybe Stampin Up?) and dyed them to the colour I wanted and then added a little of the red paint  to the nest, along with a little white  and added eyes to the birds
this is the very bottom of the 24x12 canvas which is the second part to the overall wording

Close up of the skirt which was created by using rolled up pages from a very old Thesauras, which were then dyed, stained and painted and then I  added strips of white tulle in between the pages

Close up of the waist.  The frill and waist band were cut from a very large flower from a continuous strip of netting. The 'frill' was from the petals of one of the flowers and the waist band was a section of the stamens on the flower.  Then topped with a Prima pearl embellishment to match the colour theme

View of the top and waist after I had added rub-ons, and shading to the skin tones

view of the top, crazy hair (which I love) and the bird's nest

Side view of the canvas and the skirt
The edges of the canvas are strips of Tim Holtz' patterned tissue paper which was added to the canvas and then dyed with Distress stain.  A little splash of the distress stain covered the blue paint on the canvas as well, along with some stamping
Close up of the skirt and heart

Close up of a section of the top, waist and top of the skirt

Close up of the wording part 1

Full wording reads:  'The whole wide wonderful world is at your fingertips,
 if you only reach for it'

Full length canvas:  24" x 12"

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  1. Just delightful Rita! I think this one is my favourite so far!!!