Monday, January 2, 2012

Never too young . . .

My daughter's godmother visited today with her 5 and a half year old grand-daughter.  We all love art and scrapbooking in one form or another.  Decided to show the girls how a blank canvas can become an individual work of art.

Bella (5 1/2 year old) was so intrigued with the whole idea we decided to create 3 mini canvasses (3"x6") from scratch. What a wonderful little student (who happens to be very talented and wants to be 'an artist') 

I glued the background serviette onto the canvases to explain the technique.  Bella chose the paint, learnt the techiques along the way, and she was 'up and running' - a very enjoyable journey started and finished with the end product heading home her way.  She became very adept at painting with abandon (not keeping in the lines) doodling, using rub-ons, choosing a Crafters Workshop template which she used and painted the background with one of her favourite colours . . . magenta)  and getting very messy What fun!!!

Each Canvas size (3"x6") - I think
Bella's idea to 'join' them together before laying down template to paint

Close up of the 'blue' canvas
can see the little holes from the edges of the serviette and Bella's doodling with black and gold pen

bottom of the green canvas

Butterfly with doodling and Kaiser rub-ons and a bit of stickles
this is the one where I was showing Bella how to doodle around an image and leaving a hint of colour in the middle

side of blue canvas

yellow canvas
Bella had lots of fun with the stubby paintbrush and punchinella

the original serviette
we separated the layers before I glued to the canvas to form the base.

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