Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Rolled Paper' Girl

This is my favourite 'She' girl from the 'She Art No 2 Series' (taught by Junelle Jacobsen who was Christy's guest for this one). I created my girl on a canvas measuring 24" x 12" for my daughter for Christmas.  Junelle's on-line tutorial was quite different.  I changed a few things around, added white tulle to the skirt, but learnt so much along the way.  Very rewarding . . .

Birds in nest in hair.  I cut up a bird's nest I bought and punched out the birds from cardstock (cant remember the punch - maybe Stampin Up?) and dyed them to the colour I wanted and then added a little of the red paint  to the nest, along with a little white  and added eyes to the birds
this is the very bottom of the 24x12 canvas which is the second part to the overall wording

Close up of the skirt which was created by using rolled up pages from a very old Thesauras, which were then dyed, stained and painted and then I  added strips of white tulle in between the pages

Close up of the waist.  The frill and waist band were cut from a very large flower from a continuous strip of netting. The 'frill' was from the petals of one of the flowers and the waist band was a section of the stamens on the flower.  Then topped with a Prima pearl embellishment to match the colour theme

View of the top and waist after I had added rub-ons, and shading to the skin tones

view of the top, crazy hair (which I love) and the bird's nest

Side view of the canvas and the skirt
The edges of the canvas are strips of Tim Holtz' patterned tissue paper which was added to the canvas and then dyed with Distress stain.  A little splash of the distress stain covered the blue paint on the canvas as well, along with some stamping
Close up of the skirt and heart

Close up of a section of the top, waist and top of the skirt

Close up of the wording part 1

Full wording reads:  'The whole wide wonderful world is at your fingertips,
 if you only reach for it'

Full length canvas:  24" x 12"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flower canvas x 3 and card

Have decided to give this set to a friend's daughter for her brand new baby girl.  Thought I would include a matching card so copied a photo onto sticky-back canvas.

The finished card is 6x6" (not very good photo - my camera battery fizzled so used my phone)
Added the words 'Miracle, sweet baby girl' which was a rub-on I found in my stash. Put a side view of the canvas on the back of the card

Waiting to be packaged for delivery

Flower Canvas x 3

I am currently working my way through Christy Tomlinson's Creative Color Workshop Class.  She uses Sculpey clay for her flowers, but as I do not have any clay, I used ribbon and lace instead.  Love the color combinations which were originally sourced from a photo in a magazine, then Christy gave us her take on how she would interpret those colors into a project.

This is a very good workshop because it shows you how to look at and use color combinations which are usually outside the hues you would normally prefer to work with.  Very informative in lots of other ways as well.

My finished canvasses . . .

Each canvas size is 5"x5"

The purple flower was made with ribbon which had frayed edges on each side and topped with a brad from my stash.  The leaves are fabric which I cut to size and sprayed green.  The flower stem is old bookpaper, the lace was distressed with sprays and stickles and the word is 'dream'.  The stamp is a Dawn Houser

Side view

Flower was made with broad ric rac and ribbon, again topped with a brad from stash.  The stem is old ledger paper.  Stamps are Stampendous and Unity

Side view - the word is 'hope'

The flower is ribbon and lace, the stem is old music paper, the word is 'love' and the lace is a from a swatch of fabric.  Stamps as per above

side view

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Girl 'She Art'

This is the finished 12x12" canvas

Enjoyed a children's art day today at my place enthusiastically attended by 3 children aged 7-11 years old.  The eldest 2 completed 2 x 12" canvasses and the youngest just the one, however she took home some 8x8 canvasses to continue her fun at home :)
Presented this canvas to the recipient . . . 2 years old . . . and she was a bit unsure as to what all the fuss was about . . . but I received a beautiful heartfelt hug anyway . . . that is ALL that matters to me

The background was created with a paper napkin to create texture and then added gesso, paint, rubons, paper off-cuts etc

Close up of the Little 'She Girl' face and hair
This was a 'first' for me and really enjoyed the process . . . a real challenge

Close up of 'Little She Girl'
My gorgeous little friend loves hair ties, ribbons, bows, clips in her hair, so added this beautiful little button - cant remember the manufacturer . . . I think Pink Painslee?  I also wanted to give my 'baby She Art girl' some feet so added some little shoes and socks

My little 2 year old cutie loves birds, so they were a pre-requisite for this piece.  Decided to add a little house with a fence.  The papers are from Kaisercraft 6x6 Paper Pad La-Di-Da-Collection which was perfect for this canvas.  The fence template was cut from a Magnolia die, and using the same paper collection

The sun was created with scrap paper which was painted and I added glass beads texture gel for dimension


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 begins

I am currently undertaking about 3-5 online courses at present (before going back to work) in various mediums, including fabric.  Am also completing a few outstanding projects (apart from art and mixed media)

Have also started a daily art journal.  This is a personal journey for me, so wont be blogging my pages as yet . . .

Am amazed at the depth of the on-line courses, tutorials and the generosity and time of those very talented ladies who reach out to us to travel the journey with them in one form or another.

 The Festive break has been fabulous for me in that I have had the time to pursue my dreams and listen to the whisperings in my soul

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

House canvas

I forgot to post this canvas to the blog.  Finished just after I completed the '3 dresses'.  Similar techniques as for dresses, including using and old calendar and old bookpaper.

Canvas size 8"x8"

used lots of black and white rub-ons, doodling pen and Faber Castell markers to create interest in the background

The roof was from and old book

To give the sun a bit of dimension, added Glass Beads Texture Gel to the paint

Rolled Heart Canvas

This canvas is based on one by Christy Tomlinson which is in her June 2011 tutorials.  I wanted a change from the very bright colours, so decided to choose subtle and soft tones.

Canvas size is 8"x10"

Once background pattern, and staining and painting was done, rolled up pages from an old Thesaurus which were also stained, sprayed and painted
before adding the hearts, added stamps and rub-ons

Close up of the hearts
I found these in my stash.  Had made them for another project but were excess to my needs at the time.  perfect for this exercise
the corrugated heart was cut from a packing box, then painted with gesso and paint
the heart is wrapped in one corner with 'sew easy floss'

the wording is from a rubber stamp
the clock embellishment is from my stash - not sure of the brand - removed the packaging a while ago

Canvas covered with old craft pattern and then covered with Picket Fence distress stain (wanted to keep the vintage look so did not want to cover with paint and lose effect)

old book pages stained and sprayed, ready to be rolled and glued on to canvas

Monday, January 2, 2012

Never too young . . .

My daughter's godmother visited today with her 5 and a half year old grand-daughter.  We all love art and scrapbooking in one form or another.  Decided to show the girls how a blank canvas can become an individual work of art.

Bella (5 1/2 year old) was so intrigued with the whole idea we decided to create 3 mini canvasses (3"x6") from scratch. What a wonderful little student (who happens to be very talented and wants to be 'an artist') 

I glued the background serviette onto the canvases to explain the technique.  Bella chose the paint, learnt the techiques along the way, and she was 'up and running' - a very enjoyable journey started and finished with the end product heading home her way.  She became very adept at painting with abandon (not keeping in the lines) doodling, using rub-ons, choosing a Crafters Workshop template which she used and painted the background with one of her favourite colours . . . magenta)  and getting very messy What fun!!!

Each Canvas size (3"x6") - I think
Bella's idea to 'join' them together before laying down template to paint

Close up of the 'blue' canvas
can see the little holes from the edges of the serviette and Bella's doodling with black and gold pen

bottom of the green canvas

Butterfly with doodling and Kaiser rub-ons and a bit of stickles
this is the one where I was showing Bella how to doodle around an image and leaving a hint of colour in the middle

side of blue canvas

yellow canvas
Bella had lots of fun with the stubby paintbrush and punchinella

the original serviette
we separated the layers before I glued to the canvas to form the base.