Thursday, December 29, 2011

She Art Girl 2 (with a variation)

I got such a kick out creating Girl 2 with the old fashioned dress and headband, decided to duplicate for my daughter's godmother for her Christmas present ( because I knew she would remember 'the good old days' :)

The day I commenced on this girl, I was crafting with some 'She Art' pals and Christina was working with fabric.  So, instead of using paper for this one, I used fabric instead.  Not as happy with the result, but if I used it again, I would change the technique a little.

Anyway, here she is . . .

Canvas size 10"x10"
The dress, collar and headband are fabric
The stamped wording reads . . .
'a girl should be two things classy and fabulous'

I had a 'brainwave' on the morning prior to wrapping the canvas
Decided to reproduce the image and cover a small 7"x5" photo album for any use, but primarily as 'Grandma's Brag book'
Utilised Christy's wording on the spine of the book 

I copied the images I wanted to use onto Sticky Back canvas and then covered the front and back of the album
Side view of the completed album on top of the canvas

Was happy with the end result, but will put the next one together slightly differently, or not, havent decided yet

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