Thursday, December 1, 2011

Canvas Apron

Have just finished the first 'She Art Girls' series as taught by Christy Tomlinson from Scarlet Lime.  I love how my 7 'girls' came together and the wonderful learning processes along the way.  So much fun.

As a bonus, we painted a canvas banner (which I havent finished) and a canvas apron.  Still havent decided yet if I am going to actually wear my apron during crafting sessions though!  This was another fun project to play with paint, inks, pens, templates, color wash sprays etc.

Here is the outcome:
Almost finished - bad lighting, the bottom panel is a lovely eggplant colour

close up of the middle section

close up of the blue flower with the bling in the middle

close up of the yellow flower

close up of finished right hand side - better colour of the bottom row of paint

All finished . . . ready to wear - or not

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