Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flood Relief - HELP

Hello everyone

I am assisting a friend who is heavily involved in  assisting the flood victims by providing clothes, furniture, toys, shoes, bags etc to the Flood Victims.  The organisation with whom she works is extremely professional.  So far, I have had 12 bags collected from my home comprising  clothes - varying sizes; shoes; handbags; backpacks; doona covers; sheets; pillowcases; lamps; car seat covers to name but a few.

This last weekend saw Jan's dad arrive with his huge 4WD with a trailer attached and they collected donated goods (from my crafting buddies and friends)  along the lines of table and chair, coffee table, beautifully renovated early 1900's pine dressing table, baby boy clothes - sizes 0 to 1, children's toys and dress-ups, more lamps and due to the wonderful generosity of some of Julia's friends  - brand new towels, cutlery, kettles, toasters, hangers etc (thanks again ladies!)

Do you know what has been fantastic? - Everything donated has gone directly to an individual or family who has lost everything or nearly everything due to the horrendous floods experienced recently, which have affected us or someone we know.  It is so heartwarming to hear some of the stories back from Jan.  My daughter gets a real kick out of hearing that her things have found a very worthy home, especially a beautiful set of bedding for an 11 year old's birthday.

Julia has encouraged her interstate friends (thanks again) to donate gift vouchers (any amount would be fabulous) i.e. K-Mart, Big W, Bunnings, Coles-Myer etc.

I can assure you that you can trust the organisation (apparently written up in the Courier Mail yesterday - I will try and obtain a copy and post the article).  They now have 60 more families who have signed up for assistance and the next couple of months will be crucial because people will be starting to leave temporary accommodation (family/friends/other) to go back home.

If you can assist in any way, could you please let me know and I will help you co-ordinate donations and contributions etc or pass your information on to Jan so that you can liaise directly for expediency.

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