Sunday, May 9, 2010

Special Projects Part 1

For this project I made a card, a photo folio and a gift box, together with boxes to protect them.
This was for a 60th birthday present for a friend's sister.


This is a small selection of cards which I have created for many different occasions.

Project One - Sarah's Wedding

This project was comprised of a hat box to be used instead of a 'wishing well' and will store wedding momentos for the future. I also included a matching customised guestbook and 'wishing well' poem card, which was designed to stand alone next to the 'wishing well,' and can be stored flat. 

All the flowers were hand-made from paper and five rows of pearls were added to the lid, to imitate the design on the wedding cake.

To continue with the classic theme, I lined the box with satin and outlined it with ribbon embossed with roses.

Correct Link

Sorry, the link is Annie Berquist Custom Designs

an infant blog in the making

Annie will be helping me set up my blog. She is currently working on a better logo for me and i hope it will be up and running soon. Check out her new blog at

Saturday, May 8, 2010


this is day one of learning to blog and look forward to becoming very proficient!